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Allison Carmichael, the Graphic Design director for Indigoextra is the game graphic designer for three published board games - The Da Vinci Game (pictured above, or click any link for more information), Liar Liar and Eurobabble. Both Liar Liar and Eurobabble were published in June 2009 by Pants on Fire Games.

Allison, together with her husband, Martin Woods, created The Da Vinci Game in its entirety, including designing the artwork for the board, cards, playing pieces and box. She was also approached by Pants on Fire Games to create the 2 following games:

Liar Liar Board Game

Liar Liar game Board game graphic design

Allison converted the Liar Liar game from a prototype into camera ready artwork for the printers, working closely with the game creators to ensure that the game had the distinctive look and feel that they required.

Liar Liar is a fun party game (ages 12 and up) where players have to answer trivia questions with a twist - they can lie! The innovative rules allow players to lie about whether or not they know the answer, whether they've thrown a six and to invent answers to questions. Great fun for a party or a family with older kids.

Eurobabble Spinner Game

As with Liar Liar, Allison created the artwork for the spinner game 'Eurobabble'.

Eurobabble (currently only available in the UK) is a hilarious game where players act and put on the accents of a range of Europeans (Spanish, German, Italian, French, etc.) Other players have to guess which nationality they're pretending to be. For other cards, the reader has to read a question in another language and then players must guess the answer to those questions in English. No knowledge of other languages is required and indeed, I would imagine the game works best for those who just speak English.

Watching your friends or family trying to speak with a German accent, acting like an Italian and guessing from the range of funny sounding answers is an experience you have to have!

Board game graphic design

If you are a game inventor and would like Allison to illustrate your game, then you're very welcome to call Allison to discuss your requirements on +33 467 02 48 79.

Allison's based in France, so if you're phoning from outside Europe, please consider the time difference!